The Details

The original “Black Cherry Soda”, had such bright and deep blood red hues that stood next to her bright green stems and fan leaves that you could easily see her gorgeous buds from a mile away. Her exact genetic makeup is unknown and most of the “Black Cherry Soda” plants that can be found rarely on the market now-a-days have more of a muted down color compared to the original that was circulating around about 10 or so years ago. Although she does still produce large yields of thick, sticky and highly resinous flowers that still have their famous reddish tints that come in towards the later half of her 8-9 week indoors flowering time, and cultivating her outdoors will have her buds ripe and ready by the beginning of October. The “Black Cherry Soda” provides it’s user with a very fruity flavor and aroma that does in fact taste a bit like it’s name states at times. Her Indica dominant effects are very relaxing and medicinal with a calming body stone thats soothes all your muscles and eases your pain as a bit of a euphoric and cerebral head buzz comes in towards the finish to leave you stuck, stoned and zoned.

  • TYPE: Indica Dominant
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8 – 9 weeks

About The Strain