The Details

Although only limited packs were released, Sin City Seeds “Aliens On Moonshine” is considered to be their flagship variety that helped to put these talented breeders on the map. Colorful, tasty and resinous, the “Aliens On Moonshine” is a combination of the Cali Connection’s potent and pungent, Sour Alien and the classic super heavy resin producer known as, White Moonshine. This short, strong and bushy Indica dominant hybrid flowers indoors in around 8-9 weeks and will be ripe and ready for harvest outdoors by the beginning of October. The gorgeous blue tinted leaves produced by this amazing variety have a unique terpene profile that has a sour diesel fuel flavor that’s teamed up with a smooth hashy taste and aroma. The Indica heavy effects of this rare hybrid are very calm and soothing, relaxing your entire body from head to toe without leaving you stuck to the couch taking nap after nap. As with all Sin City Seeds varieties, the “Aliens On Moonshine” is packed full of great medicinal benefits that can help aid in the treatment of many medical conditions that would normally call for a long list of harsh pharmaceuticals.

  • TYPE: Indica Dominant
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8 -9 weeks

About The Strain