The Details

This three-way combination known as, “Agent Orange” is a high yielding a fast finishing hybrid strain that was created by non-other than the Weed Nerd himself, Subcool of TGA Seed’s. The “Agent Orange” is a well rounded and perfectly balanced hybrid that was brought forth when Subcool crossed an Orange Skunk with his trusty Jacks Cleaner and Space Queen. She most commonly grows medium height with a strong structure that is put to the test by her massive, thick, flat-topped cola’s that will bend or break her branches if not supported correctly. Her large yields of big, dense and extremely resinous flowers are ripe are ready for harvest indoors in only 8-9 weeks while cultivating this beast outdoors will have you taking down her giant nugs around the beginning of October. The smell and taste of this wonderful hybrid are absolutely amazing with hints of Oranges, Lemons and even Whiskey Sour cocktail. Her balanced hybrid high hits you hard and fast with what seems to be a limitless high that’s very uplifting and motivating with a super trippy head buzz that’s paired with a bit of a calming body stone as well.

  • TYPE: Hybrid
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8 – 9 weeks

About The Strain